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7 Things That Must Be Done To Sell Your Home For The Most

When it comes time to sell your home, there’s nothing more important to your family than ensuring you can walk away from the closing table with the highest possible net figure. When taking the right approach, there’s a good chance you can sell your home for more than you ever thought possible.

To be clear, the true value of a property can vary DRASTICALLY depending upon a number of factors. Of course market conditions play a role in this and recent sales make a difference too. But making your home stand out against the competition can cause it to sell for $5,000 more, $10,000 more and sometimes even higher which means 100% of that excess goes into your pocket.

Outside conditions are things you can’t personally control. You can’t change the economy or interest rates or how much your neighbors sold their house for. However, you can certainly control the inside of your house and how it’s conveyed to the public.

Inside this short report, you’ll learn about 7 SPECIFIC THINGS you can do to increase the value of the home, the marketability of it and even shorten the amount of time that it sits on the market.

One of the first mistakes we see homeowners making all over the country is to assume that because you’ve sold a couple of homes in the past and they all sold for full price within a short period of time, that this will happen on your current property as well.

There are several factors that play into a home sale and of course something that happened years ago on a completely different home has no bearing whatsoever on this one. This means if you want to net as much as possible from the sale of this one, while also shortening the process so that it doesn’t take months and months to sell, you want to do everything possible to show the home in its best light.

Frankly speaking, some people have sold their homes quickly and maybe even sold for their full asking price but in reality, they left some money on the table because they didn’t utilize all 7 of these techniques to maximize their sale price or push up the current value to create a new sales price record for that community.

As you know, new sales price records are set in neighborhoods all over America each month and that can only happen if the homeowner can make the home stand out above all of the recently sold homes that have established a value for the area. If you want to beat those prices, you have to show up better than anyone else!

With this guide, you’ll see how value is created, why each item is so important and exactly how it will apply to you and your home. Some of the items you’ve heard of before, but may not know why they are so important. This list and explanations will clear things up. So let’s dive right in.

  • DE-CLUTTER! - The easiest and most recognizable of all. When someone is looking to purchase a home, it’s generally because they want more space. Open areas are good! Don’t have too many things on the tables or stacked in various areas. Make the property look like there’s extra room still available for additional things! Remember, this also includes the garage so don’t throw everything out there! You may want to get a storage unit or even a big trash can. If you can sell the home for several thousand dollars more, I’m sure you don’t really care about the little decorative things, lamps or boxes!
  • NEUTRALIZE ODORS & COLORS!  Most people don’t smell odors in their home because they live there every day. Some houses smell old, smell like ethnic cooking, smell like pets or smell just plain weird. This can be a major problem as some people have a very keen sense of smell. Turning them off as they first step into the home is not good. A licensed real estate agent will tell you the truth about smells if you ask them and they can show you how to neutralize absolutely everything. Paint, carpet and countertop colors matter too! While you may enjoy a purple or red room for yourself, it will turn off more than 50% of your buyers and many times makes the room look small. Absolutely every room should be a fairly neutral color. It is NOT wise to take on this task all by yourself. Your licensed real estate agent can refer you to extremely low cost professional painters that can come in and do it in a day and you’ll never have to touch a thing or get dirty. At least get a quote on a fresh coat of paint in the rooms that need it the most! 
  • DEEP CLEAN!  After you’ve listed your home with a professional marketer, you should immediately have a professional cleaning company come in to do a deep clean on the property. They can get it all done in one day. They will get the cobwebs you never noticed near the ceiling and clean all the windows, the corners and more. You’ve probably noticed that when you walk through your house you look straight ahead but when you see people viewing listings on the television shows, they are looking up and around. To prepare your home, LOOK UP! You’ll be surprised how inexpensive a professional maid service is to come in for a one-time cleaning. It will make a tremendous difference in the overall appearance of the home, thus causing it to be viewed as a more valuable property.
  • UPGRADE YOUR WATTAGE!  Nothing makes a home look bigger than lots of bright lights. Go through the home and change out all of the lightbulbs that are not at the maximum wattage allowable by each fixture. You’d be shocked at the difference in the feeling of a room with just an additional 20 watts of electricity in each bulb. It will only cost you $50-$100 to do the entire house and I can promise you it will feel at least 1,000 square feet bigger! Making the home look bigger and brighter is a sure way to squeak out a few thousand additional dollars which of course goes right into your family’s pocket! For every showing, make sure that you have on every single light that’s available.
  • IMPROVE THE THREE MOST IMPORTANT ROOMS!  Nothing is more important to a sale than the kitchen and bathrooms. This is the BIG selling point for most families, so you want to consider updates or upgrades in these locations. A close running third on that list is the closets so we can’t forget about those too. When it comes to kitchen and baths, you want to take an honest look at flooring, countertops and even light fixtures. Could you do anything to make it look more updated? Would new flooring or a new light fixture make the kitchen look 10-20 years newer? What about your closets? There’s a good chance that you wear exactly 20% of your clothing while 80% hangs there for months and months to never get worn. We want to make the closets look TOO big as though they could hold a lot more. Get rid of all those clothes. Take out any extra boxes or storage supplies. You are going to be moving anyway so let’s get 80% of the closets cleaned out now before the prospective buyer showings. 
  • DE-PERSONALIZE!  This is a big one and probably the one that most people would push back on. It’s important to know that during the selling process, you don’t want it to look like “your” home. I can’t picture it as my home if there are pictures of you and your family all over the house. We want them to feel welcome and make it feel like THEIR home. In turn, we need to take down every single item that makes it personalized to you. That includes family photos, sports memorabilia, extensive collections of any kind, etc. Again, you are moving anyway so let’s go ahead and pack that stuff up now. It will make the process easier and could very well put a LOT more money in your pocket. It’s silly to lose a potential homebuyer because they were turned off by your favorite team being emblazoned in a room so let’s just neutralize and sell for more money by appealing to more people! I know…I know… If you take that stuff down, it won’t feel like your own home. That’s EXACTLY what we want! It’s better to net more from your home sale and sell quickly to move onto your family’s next housing goals. 
  • HIRE A MARKETING CONSULTANT!  This is the most important one of all and can truly make a difference of over $20,000 in net income. When you are choosing a real estate agent, the vast majority of them all do the same thing. They simply list it on the MLS, run a few ads and do an open house…then pray. This is a horrible way to sell a home and may actually cost you a huge loss in equity. Remember, just because they say they can sell it for a high price, doesn’t mean it will happen. The only way to truly ensure maximum exposure is to hire an agent that is also a Target Marketing Specialist. This person can invest thousands of dollars of their normal commission to be used in a targeted marketing approach which will expose the home to the most opportune buyers. They’ll look at individual amenities of the home and the area to decide on who the best buyers will be. They then do a direct marketing approach, rather than waiting on a buyer to randomly stumble on an ad somewhere. We’ve seen countless times that a targeted approach to someone that will have a hyperactive response to your particular home can allow it to sell for tens of thousands of dollars MORE and get it sold in no time flat.
  • BONUS PRO-SELLER TIP! – When you meet with real estate agents, it’s important that you ask them the following specific questions regarding their target marketing:
    • What type of target marketing do you use to go directly to the PERFECT type of buyer?
    • What specifically can you do to push up the overall sales price of my home?
    • Can you give me some marketing list brokerages that you use to find select individuals?
    • What type of call-to-action do the majority of your direct mail pieces utilize?
    • Can you show me what type of expenses you customarily invest into target marketing?
    • Can we create an itemized list of the amenities this home has so you can use it in target marketing?
    Make a commitment to implementing each of these 7 techniques as quickly as possible. It’s wise to meet with a Target Marketing Specialist extremely early in the process as they can give you advice on what you should or should not do, then give you plenty of time to work on it. They will do this completely free of charge and with no obligation, so it can make your family a lot of extra money to take advantage of that opportunity. 
    As a Realtor and Target Marketing Specialist myself, I’d be happy to take a quick tour of your home, give you tips on what to do and what not to do, and discuss specific value and net figures so that you’ll have an idea as to what you can walk away with from a potential sale. If you’d like to schedule a convenient time for me to pop by, just give me a call, text or email with the info below. 

    These are the 7 most important things to do which can each push your home value higher and ultimately, net you a lot more money at the closing table. It’s absolutely critical that you take specific action on each of these 7 items. Doing just 4 or 5 will almost certainly leave money on the table and that’s not something you want to take a chance with.

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